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Are you a fan of Korean cuisine? If so, you’re in luck. There’s a growing trend of Korean food making waves in the culinary world, and it seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. From Korean barbecue to traditional dishes like bibimbap, there’s something for every food lover to enjoy. In this article, we’ll explore the latest news and trends in Korean cooking, including new restaurants opening up, popular dishes, and even the most searched recipe on Google. So get ready to tantalize your taste buds and learn more about the exciting world of Korean cuisine.

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Google News: Your Comprehensive Guide to the World of News, Korean Cuisine, and More!

Breaking News on Google: Stay Up to Date

Google News

Welcome to Google News, your one-stop destination for all the latest news, curated just for you. Whether you’re interested in local headlines, international affairs, the latest in business, or technology trends, Google News has got you covered. In this comprehensive article, we’ll take you on a tour of the different categories, recent news articles, popular Korean dishes, cooking classes, trending recipes, Korean food in popular cities, food influencers to follow, and even food festivals and events. So sit back, relax, and let’s delve into the fascinating world of news and Korean cuisine!

News Categories

Google News offers a diverse range of news categories, ensuring that you stay informed about the topics that matter most to you. From breaking news to in-depth analysis, you can find it all. Here are some of the categories you can explore:


Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the United States. From politics and economy to social issues and cultural events, this category covers it all.


Explore news from around the globe and gain a global perspective on current events. Discover stories from different countries, regions, and continents.


Keep abreast of news from your local community. This category allows you to stay connected with what’s happening in your neighborhood, town, or city.


Stay informed about the world of finance, market trends, and business insights. From startups to multinational corporations, this category covers all aspects of the business world.

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Discover the latest in the world of technology, innovation, and gadgets. From smartphones to artificial intelligence, this category brings you the cutting-edge developments that shape our digital lives.


Get the inside scoop on the world of entertainment. From Hollywood blockbusters to music releases and celebrity gossip, this category keeps you entertained.


Stay up to date with the latest scores, match highlights, and sports news from around the world. Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball, tennis, or any other sport, this category has you covered.


Delve into the realm of scientific discoveries, breakthroughs, and advancements. Stay informed about the latest in space exploration, medical research, and technological innovations.


Stay healthy and informed with the latest news and insights on personal well-being, medical breakthroughs, and healthy living tips. From diet and fitness to mental health awareness, this category provides invaluable information.

Recent News Articles

Stay up to date with the most recent news articles from reliable sources. Here are some of the headlines making waves:

The Restaurants Behind Korean Barbecue’s Exciting Next Wave

Discover the hidden gems behind the Korean barbecue trend. Learn about the innovative restaurants that are adding a new twist to this beloved cuisine.

The Best of ‘The Year I Ate New York’

Embark on a culinary journey through New York City as a food critic shares her favorite dining experiences. From trendy hotspots to hidden gems, this article is a food lover’s dream.

A Korean hot pot spot is cooking up a Northland location

Find out about the new hot pot spot that is bringing the flavors of Korea to the Northland. Explore the delicious and comforting dishes that await you at this exciting new location.

Ven. Jeongkwan brings essence of Korean cuisine to New York

Experience the essence of Korean cuisine as a renowned Buddhist nun and chef brings her culinary talents to New York City. Discover the spiritual and cultural significance of Korean food through her unique creations.

Review: Hallyu Korean BBQ & Bar is a New Gem in Tamarac’s Dining Scene

Uncover a hidden gem in Tamarac’s dining scene as a new Korean BBQ & Bar impresses with its delectable offerings. From mouthwatering barbecue to authentic Korean flavors, this restaurant is a must-visit.

Jeju Kitchen Debuts at Carmel Plaza

Indulge in the flavors of Jeju Island as a new Korean restaurant opens its doors at Carmel Plaza. Experience the vibrant and diverse cuisine of Korea at this exciting new location.

A new Korean steakhouse is coming to the Myrtle Beach area. It will have hot pot and sushi

Get ready for a culinary adventure as a new Korean steakhouse prepares to open in the Myrtle Beach area. Featuring hot pot and sushi, this restaurant promises to take your taste buds on a delightful journey.

New Banchan Korean Deli in Sunderland offering ‘generational cooking at its finest’

Step into a world of generational cooking at New Banchan Korean Deli in Sunderland. Uncover the rich flavors and culinary traditions passed down through the generations at this unique establishment.

Hundreds of Milwaukeeans have learned Korean cooking from this one woman

Discover the culinary skills of a woman in Milwaukee who is sharing her love for Korean cooking with the community. Learn about her classes and the impact she is making on the local food scene.

Zzizim Korean Kitchen brings Korean food to Plano

Experience the flavors of Korea in Plano as Zzizim Korean Kitchen opens its doors. From classic dishes to innovative creations, this restaurant brings the best of Korean cuisine to your doorstep.

Popular Korean Dishes

Korean cuisine is known for its bold flavors, vibrant colors, and diverse range of dishes. Here are some of the most popular Korean dishes you must try:

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Bibimbap is a flavorful and colorful rice dish topped with an assortment of vegetables, meat, and a fried egg. It is typically served with a spicy sauce and mixed together before eating.

Kimchi Pancake

Kimchi pancake is a savory pancake made with fermented cabbage, flour, and other ingredients. It is a popular snack or appetizer in Korean cuisine.

Korean Hangover Soup

Korean hangover soup, also known as “Haejangguk,” is a comforting soup made with hearty ingredients like pork, vegetables, and spices. It is believed to help cure hangovers and revitalize the body.


Galbi, or grilled marinated beef short ribs, is a popular dish in Korean barbecue. The meat is marinated in a sweet and savory sauce before being grilled to perfection.


While not strictly traditional Korean cuisine, biryani has become a popular dish in Korea. It is a flavorful rice dish cooked with meat, vegetables, and a blend of aromatic spices.

Breaking News on Google: Stay Up to Date

Korean Cooking Classes

If you’re interested in mastering the art of Korean cooking, there are various cooking classes available to help you sharpen your skills. Here are a few options:

Maricel’s Kitchen in Old Bridge hosts free Korean cooking classes

Maricel’s Kitchen in Old Bridge offers free Korean cooking classes, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to learn the secrets behind authentic Korean dishes. Immerse yourself in the flavors and techniques of Korean cuisine.

KCC in Indonesia holds interactive class on Korean cooking

The Korean Cultural Center in Indonesia hosts interactive classes on Korean cooking, giving participants a hands-on experience in preparing traditional Korean dishes. Expand your culinary horizons and learn from expert instructors.

Woodbridge Lands a Popular, New Korean BBQ & Hot Pot

Experience the thrill of Korean barbecue and hot pot cooking at a popular new restaurant in Woodbridge. Join their cooking classes to learn the art of grilling and creating mouthwatering hot pot meals.

Chicago Korean-American Community Celebrates Chuseok

Join the vibrant Korean-American community in Chicago as they celebrate Chuseok, the traditional Korean harvest festival. Learn about the customs, traditions, and delicious food associated with this holiday.

pLAstyle Korean cooking school offers culinary experience for LA foodies

Indulge your passion for Korean cuisine at pLAstyle Korean cooking school in Los Angeles. Learn from expert chefs and immerse yourself in the flavors and techniques of Korean cooking.

Trending Korean Recipes

Looking to recreate the authentic flavors of Korean cuisine in your own kitchen? Here are some trending Korean recipes you can try:

Korean Barbecue Beef

Grill up some succulent and flavorful Korean barbecue beef at home. Marinate the beef in a sweet and savory sauce, then grill it to perfection. Serve it with rice and a side of kimchi for a delicious meal.

Spicy Kimchi Fried Rice

Transform leftover rice into a delicious and spicy kimchi fried rice. Sauté kimchi, vegetables, and rice together with a blend of Korean spices for a quick and flavorful meal.

Korean Fried Chicken

Enjoy crispy and succulent Korean fried chicken with a spicy sauce. This popular dish combines crispy chicken with a unique blend of spices, giving it a distinct Korean flavor.

Bulgogi Beef

Marinate thinly sliced beef in a flavorful soy sauce mixture and grill it for a delicious and tender dish. Serve it with rice, vegetables, and a side of kimchi for a complete meal.

Dolsot Bibimbap

Prepare a sizzling stone bowl of dolsot bibimbap, a rice dish topped with a variety of vegetables, beef, and a fried egg. The stone bowl gives the rice a crispy texture, adding another layer of enjoyment to this classic dish.

Breaking News on Google: Stay Up to Date

Korean Food in Popular Cities

Korean cuisine has gained popularity all around the world, and you can find delicious Korean food in many cities. Here are some popular cities known for their Korean culinary scene:

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8 Korean restaurants in Liverpool you need to try

If you’re in Liverpool, make sure to check out these eight Korean restaurants that offer a wide range of authentic dishes. From barbecue to street food, Liverpool has something to satisfy every craving.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to a vibrant Korean community and a plethora of Korean restaurants. Explore Koreatown and discover a multitude of dining options, from barbecue joints to cozy mom-and-pop establishments.

San Francisco

San Francisco boasts a vibrant Korean food scene, with numerous restaurants offering a variety of Korean dishes. From upscale eateries to casual spots, San Francisco has it all.

New York City

New York City is a food lover’s paradise, and its Korean culinary scene is no exception. From Michelin-starred restaurants to hidden gems, you can find authentic Korean cuisine across the boroughs.


Seattle is home to a thriving Korean community and a diverse range of Korean restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for barbecue, street food, or traditional dishes, Seattle has an option for you.


Chicago’s Korean food scene has been gaining recognition for its delicious offerings. From Korean barbecue to comforting stews, Chicago has plenty to offer Korean food enthusiasts.


Houston is known for its diverse culinary scene, and its Korean food offerings are no exception. Indulge in Korean barbecue, hot pot, and more in Houston’s vibrant food culture.


Atlanta boasts a growing Korean food scene, with restaurants offering a unique blend of traditional and contemporary Korean cuisine. From classic dishes to fusion creations, Atlanta has something for everyone.


Miami’s Korean food scene offers a mix of traditional and modern culinary experiences. From upscale dining to casual eateries, Miami has a range of Korean restaurants to explore.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is home to a diverse range of ethnic cuisines, and its Korean food scene is no exception. From refined dining establishments to hole-in-the-wall gems, D.C. offers a plethora of Korean culinary options.

Korean Food Influencers to Follow

Looking for a little inspiration in the kitchen? Follow these Korean food influencers on social media to discover new recipes, cooking tips, and food stories:


Maangchi, also known as Emily Kim, is a renowned Korean cooking YouTuber and author. Her channel is a treasure trove of easy-to-follow Korean recipes, techniques, and stories.

Seonkyoung Longest

Seonkyoung Longest is a Korean-American chef, TV personality, and culinary instructor. Her videos and recipes provide a unique blend of Korean and Western cuisine.

Future Neighbor

Future Neighbor is a YouTube channel hosted by two friends who share their journey of cooking Korean food. Their videos provide step-by-step instructions and detailed explanations for each recipe.

Sue and Gambo

Sue and Gambo are a Korean couple who share their love for cooking on their YouTube channel. Their charismatic personalities and delicious recipes make their videos a joy to watch.

Han Oak

Han Oak is a Portland-based restaurant and Instagram account that showcases the creations of chef and owner Peter Cho. Follow Han Oak for a peek into the world of modern Korean cuisine.

Aeri’s Kitchen

Aeri’s Kitchen is a YouTube channel hosted by Aeri Lee, who shares her love for traditional Korean food. Her videos are informative, entertaining, and showcase a wide range of Korean dishes.

Breaking News on Google: Stay Up to Date

Korean Food Festivals and Events

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Korean food culture by attending these food festivals and events:

Korean BBQ Festival

Experience the mouthwatering flavors of Korean barbecue at the Korean BBQ Festival. This event celebrates the art of grilling with live cooking demonstrations, food vendors, and cultural performances.

K-Town Food Tour

Embark on a culinary adventure through the streets of K-Town, exploring the diverse range of Korean food establishments. This tour allows you to sample various dishes and immerse yourself in the culture of Korean cuisine.

Korean Street Food Festival

Indulge in an array of delicious and diverse Korean street food at the Korean Street Food Festival. From tteokbokki to hotteok, this event showcases the best of Korean street food culture.

Korean Food Expo

Attend the Korean Food Expo to discover new and exciting Korean food products, culinary trends, and innovations. This expo brings together industry professionals, food enthusiasts, and consumers.

Korean Cooking Competition

Put your culinary skills to the test by participating in a Korean cooking competition. Show off your creativity, technique, and love for Korean cuisine as you compete against other talented cooks.

Korean Food Truck Rally

Experience the joys of Korean street food at a Korean Food Truck Rally. Sample a variety of dishes, from mandu to kimbap, and enjoy the festive atmosphere of this food-centric event.


Google News is your go-to source for the latest headlines, in-depth articles, and insights into various topics. Stay in the know with the help of Google News, whether you’re interested in U.S. politics, international affairs, technology trends, or entertainment news.

Korean cuisine is a world of flavors waiting to be explored. From popular dishes like bibimbap and kimchi pancake to the rich flavors of Korean barbecue, there is something for everyone. Enhance your Korean cooking skills with the help of cooking classes and recipes shared by experts.

And if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the Korean food scene, explore the delights of Korean cuisine in popular cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Seattle. Follow Korean food influencers for inspiration and attend food festivals and events to celebrate the vibrant culture of Korean food.

So, whether you’re craving the latest news or a delicious Korean meal, Google News has you covered. Happy exploring!

Breaking News on Google: Stay Up to Date